General OTM

General Of the Month (OTM) for Outstanding Contributions


NRHH stands for the National Residence Hall Honorary which is an honor society dedicated to promoting outstanding contributions to the Residence Life Program on campus. As a part of that goal the OTM or "Of the Month" award system was created. This allows members of the Residence Hall Program including residents, Resident Assistants, and professional staff to submit nominations for monthly awards in a variety of categories. These awards are considered not only on the campus level but at the regional and national level to compete against OTMS in that category from schools across the country. > FAQ > Has addresses
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Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination
(i.e., how the nominee addressed recognition, motivation, and support for you or your organization).

Maximum 600 Words.

Please give a short 3-4 sentence summary of this OTM.